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In collaboration with National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

The Greys - Caregiving through taking distance

In the current healthcare landscape in Singapore, innovations in the industry often revolve around the care of patients while their caregivers are often overlooked. These caregivers often face an immense amount of physical and mental stress stemming from their caregiving responsibilities.

A key insight uncovered during the research phase that helped serve as the foundation for Caregiving101 was that caregivers can resolve any of the distress they were facing. The key was for them to be able to take an emotional distance from their situation, often easier said than done.

How could caregivers take distance from their caregiving worries?

How could we provide a space where caregivers could feel safe sharing their stories and seeking help?


Caregiving101 is a toolkit that serves as a strategic solution that helps provide a safe space for caregivers to seek help and share their stories while empowering them to gain confidence in caregiving.

The kit uses Solomon’s Paradox as its foundation – which states that one can think more sensibly about others’ problems than one’s own.

Alongside a peer caregiver or facilitator, the kit leverages this principle to prime caregivers in building the story of a fictional character Eli - whose experience is similar to theirs, advising and providing solutions to Eli.

Taking distance, these same solutions can be applied to their situation. This seeks to empower caregivers to see that they can distance and resolve their difficulties if they so choose.

Caregiving101 was incubated under Design Incubation Centre (DIC) and is currently under development with NCSS. To learn more about the project or use it for your relevant agency, please visit this link.


Video link consolidating insights gathered from an earlier iteration.

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