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Black Mirror
As part of Design Incubation Centre

The Greys - Who killed the Trees?

Lust has driven the destruction of our natural environment since historical times; that which instills our desire for ephemeral decorative objects - their value incomparable to the time required to grow a tree.


The tree stands at the heart of natural ecosystems while also serving as a bridge for the culture and civilizations before us.

What if trees can point to us as criminals?

What if wood reflects the perpetrators behind their destruction?

What if the wood delivers the prosecution?

Black Mirror

To treat the tree as a parallel being and to give voice to the invaluable resource, this piece of timber was processed and polished to a mirror finish.

It thus reveals through reflection the killer of the tree and others of its kind.

This human-scale mirror seeks for viewers to reflect upon our historical and current relationship with nature, to see ourselves and future responsibilities.

Everyone is liable for the devastation caused on our natural world, responsible for our paradoxical dependence and depletion of nature’s resources.

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