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I see myself as a transdisciplinary design explorer. Adopting a holistic approach, I always attempt to stretch beyond traditional boundaries, considering broader infrastructures such as social, cultural, historical, psychological factors etc. that may influence user behaviour and thinking. The innate curiosity that is anchored by attempting to understand users through these various lenses informs my design strategies, uncovering opportunities that may potentially be the next Columbus' egg.
To feed my hunger for exploring different facets of design, I've challenged myself to work across various design agencies specialising in different disciplines such as STUCK Design, NextofKin Creatives, CHEMISTRY, Lanzavecchia + Wai, working on projects ranging from illustrations, web design, furniture, consumer electronics, social and business strategies etc. I'm also a founding member of and another retail startup back in 2015.
Through my internships, freelance works, and industrial collaborations, I've crossed paths with Government Technology Agency (GovTech), National Council of Social Services (NCSS), Ministry of Defence (MinDef), IBM, DBS,  Sennheiser, Dell Alienware, Electrolux, Kohler, as well as several other NGOs, SMEs and startups in Singapore.
A recipient of the prestigious design Singapore Council Scholarship, Lee Foundation Scholarship and NASA Exchange Scholarship, I have also graduated from National University of Singapore's Division of Industrial Design Bachelor's Program in 2020 with First-Class Honors and was the Course Gold Medalist from Temasek Polytechnic's Product and Industrial Design Diploma in 2015.
I’ve travelled and lived in 24 countries, acting as a sponge absorbing their culture to understand how sociocultural narratives can affect the locals and their worldview. This exposure further broadened my perspective and my approach to design and life.
I snap transient moments here.
I read to immerse myself here.
I write about my thought experiments in design here.
*Testimonials are available upon request here.



National University of Singapore

2020 Division of Industrial Design - SG

Bachelor of Arts (Hon) - 1st Class Honours

Delft University of Technology

2019 Industrial Design and Engineering - NL

Overseas Exchange Programme

Sozosha School of Design

2014 Exchange Programme - JP

Japanese Teahouse Experience

Temasek Polytechnic
2015 Product & Industrial Design - SG
Diploma with Merit - Course Gold Medalist

Dean’s List for all semesters - ‘12 to ‘15



TriggerDesign Studios - Now
Lead Designer

Aiding principal designer to lead and manage projects while initiating meaningful partnerships in the local creative circle.

Design Associate Network - '17-Now

Associate and EXCO member

Co-plan and advise on exhibitions and events organized by the DAN committee while part of EXCO team.

Design Incubation Center ‘20-’21
Design Researcher

Collaborative project with NCSS

Research on new fields for design exploration

WhatisDesign ‘18-’19

Founding Creative Director

Co-founded along with 4 other students.

Established overall image and branding.

NextofKin Creatives ‘15 - ‘18
Freelance Designer
Aided main team in various projects with Dell, Sennheiser, Kohler, various startups etc.

BananaBones ‘15-‘16


T-Shirt illustration brand focusing on local culture.

Products sold in Naiise.

Lanzavecchia + Wai ‘18

Design Intern
Aided in various works involving narrative -building, prototyping, illustrations etc.
Work from studio displayed in Milan Design Week 2019.


Design Intern
Aided team in planning, preparation and design of a public health experience project.

STUCK Design ‘15

Design Intern
Aided team on projects involving graphics, illustrations, product & web design.
Designs launched during SG50 celebrations.



2022 Design Superposition Exhibition - Curation Advisor

2021 IDA Design Silver Award - Cradle

2020 Red Dot Design Concept Award - Cradle

2020 NUSS Overall Achievement Medal (Nomination)

2020 NUS DID Gradbook - Head of Design and Content

2019 RedDot Concept Award Finalist - Verge

2019 GovTech x NUS Winning Concept - Cradle
2018 NASA Exchange Scholarship

2017 DesignSingapore Council Scholarship

2015 Philips Design Award Top 3 - Secondskin

2015 Lee Foundation Scholarship

2014 NDP Funpack Design - Team Lead




2021 R for Repair Exhibition

National Design Centre - Bu

2020 RedDot Design Museum

RedDot Award: Design Concept Exhibition - Cradle

2020 RedDot Website Feature

RedDot Concept Award Winner - Cradle

2020 NUS DID Online Gradshow

Thesis showcase - Caregiving101

2020 NUS DID Gradbook Publication

R for Repair, Platform Feature - Bu

2020 NUS DID Gradbook Publication

Healthcare Monitoring System, Platform Feature - Cradle

2019 NUS DID Gradbook Publication

Product Design + Differentiation, Platform Feature - Verge

2019 NUS DID Gradbook Publication

Object Meaning Making, Platform Feature - PinchING

2018 NUS DID Gradshow Exhibition

National Design Centre - Wv

2018 NUS DID Gradbook Publication

Business by Design, Platform Feature - Dre


Standing Tall Because of Design

DesignSingapore Council, Designer Profile, February 2022

물건과 지속가능성에 대한 고찰 2 _새로운 차원의 수선, ‘Repair Kit’

DesignDB, 디자인 리포트, January 2021

“R for Repair”设计展 修复旧物关乎创新

联合早报, 早报现在, January 2021

2020年红点设计奖 体验阅读障碍 一本书有不同视角​

联合早报, 早报现在, November 2020

Designing a wearable that could save lives

GovTech, Technews, March 2020

Designing for a Better Future

Straits Times, Lifestyle, July 2020

Industrial Design students push boundaries with fresh ideas

NUSNews, Education, August 2020 

Caregiving101 by Shawn Ng

Facebook, NUS SDE, August 2020

DesignSingapore Council Awards Four Scholarships

Sinagpore's essential Arts and Culture Guide 2017

DesignSingapore Scholars 2017: Congratulations to you!

Design Singapore Council, Stories, August 2017

Using Our Capability to Contribute

Temasek Polytechnic Media Centre, 2016

The best of SG50 designs, from playful to posh

The Straits Times, Lifestyle Section, July 2015

Shawn Ng: The guy with the 3DP bionic leg

Ginkgo3d, Press, 2015

Jingle bells and a whole lot of trees. Ten to be exact!
Temasek Polytechnic Blog, Archives, December 2013​


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