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2020 - RedDot Design Concept Winner
In collaboration with GovTech SG

The Greys - Balancing Autonomy with Health Monitoring

Singapore faces a rapidly aging population and correspondingly, there has been a surge in elderly-related emergencies, with the top 3 causes being a heart attack, stroke, and falls - all of which could be prevented with active health tracking and timely interventions.

Through numerous interviews, we found out that even though physical accidents are of concern to the elderly, their mental well-being and retaining their independence and autonomy over their daily lives were crucial in their adoption of new technologies and solutions.

Can we strengthen the assurance of safety while retaining autonomy?

What if you can 'wear' safety to raise assurance?

Can we leverage intuitive SOS responses such as vocalization of help etc.?


Cradle is an ear wearable with the goal of empowering seniors to have autonomy and assurance in their daily life.

Sensors from Cradle pick up clear biometric data due to the strong pulse rates of veins connected to the Vena Cava from around the ear. This enables the accurate tracking of health for seniors. The ideal position also allows Cradle to pick out anomalies in vocal projections when elderlies shout for help, leveraging on this intuitive mode of communicating distress.

A guiding ridge and the single-point interaction ensure minimal touchpoints that may otherwise complexify the usage of Cradle, ensuring immediate, intuitive responses.


Cradle is connected to a mobile application that visualizes the senior's health stats, assuring them and their families of their wellbeing. To schedule their daily routines, the elderly simply has to provide voice commands, simple yet intuitive - empowering seniors to age gracefully in place.  

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