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The Greys - Bulb and Shade as One

Wv serves as an experimentation in the weaving of tradition and modernity, to find light in dying crafts.


Singapore once served as the centre for entrepot trade of rattan. The trade experienced rapid growth in the 1970s due to global demand for the quality rattan products and the spirit of experimentation by the various local craftsmen. This, alongside other crafts have however, dwindled down over the years as Singapore transitioned to a knowledge-based economy.

How would a traditional rattan weaver weave modern technology?


What if the practice of weaving could be imbued into modern living?



Inspired by the honesty in material utilisation by the skilled craftsmen to evoke the endless possibilites presented by the humble rattan; Wv is an attempt to revive the spirit of exploration within these traditional crafts that served as the bedrock of the Singapore we know today. 


Paying tribute to this very spirit, the exercise began as a research to deconstruct the archetypical light - one of the most recognisable symbols of this transition to the modern age. In the beginning, light used to consist of only the bulb, a marvel to be displayed in its entirety. As time progressed, the shade was introduced, taking away the spotlight from the main protagonist which was and still is the bulb.


A question stemming from this curiosity, Wv seeks to weave the 'bulb' and 'shade' into a single entity, one that can continue to shine and evolve as we progress. Through experimenting on the weaving of modern fibre optics through traditional rattan-weaving techniques and patterns, Wv seeks to imbue the spirit of rattan weaving with a modern twist - rejuvenating the dying craft and bringing it to light.


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