The Greys - Life that Grows from Death

It started from the observation of the physalis fruit's maturation process. As the fruit ripens and turns red, the protective husk dries up and crumbles. This intrigued me as it lies in parallel to the concept of duality - where life (the fruit) grows from within death (the husk).

In contemporary Singapore, crafts such as rattan-weaving is a dying trade. With the observation of the physalis anchoring my thoughts, I wondered how the local rattan-weaving trade could be revived through the utilisation of modern materials and technology.

How would a traditional rattan weaver weave modern technology?


What if the practice of weaving could be imbued into modern living?


By exploring various traditional rattan weaving techniques in combination with different lighting methods and materials, Wv is an exploration of how light can be given a form.


Inspired by the interaction between the husk and the fruit of the physalis, it seeks to weave the bulb and shade of a traditional lamp into a single entity. 


Weaving modern fibre optics and rattan through traditional rattan-weaving techniques and patterns, Wv seeks to imbue the spirit of rattan weaving with a modern twist - rejuvenating the dying craft practice.