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2019 - RedDot Design Concept Finalist


The Greys - The Wireless Vampire

The wireless charger, the epitome of designed convenience. But did you know that leaving the charger plugged in and turned on actually consumes energy, causing unnecessary wastage of power.

If current wireless chargers are designed to provide a seamless charging experience but require users to switch it on/off - is it truly seamlesss?


Can we facilitate a grab-and-go wireless charging experience while ensuring energy optimisation?

Can we leverage on the visual semantics of switches to inform users of a chargers' power status?

Can charging and provision of power for mobile devices be truly seamless?


Verge seeks to bridge the wireless charging experience by automatically switching chargers off with a strong visual semantic cue through a tilt switch.

While many wireless chargers or charging concepts focus on the form factor and its implication on usability, VERGE questions and reconsiders the entire charging ecosystem.


Verge consists of 3 main parts:

A magnetic sticker that users can attach to their device or conceal behind a case.

A portable charger that magnetically attaches to the sticker on the device.


A tilting dock which allows the portable charger to sit within while still attached to the device. The dock leverages on a tilt switch - a switch that detects orientation or inclination in order to activate.


Verge revolves around seamless charging while providing users with greater awareness of their charging habits to encourage the responsible consumption of electricity. Emphasis on semantic associations were used to create a delightful, yet conscious charging experience by highlighting power consumption through a simple tilt.​

Partner: Jervenne Teo

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