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Singapore Souvenir

In collaboration with SUPERMAMA & Meykrs

The Greys - SG50 Bicentennial Celebrations

A collaboration between STUCK Design, SUPERMAMA & Meykrs, the Singapore Souvenirs (SS) Series were a set of 50 keepsakes marking the 50th Anniversary of Singapore's Independence.


Inspired by the local culture and context, this series seeks to shift the kitschy reputation of souvenirs and explores what well-designed, meaningful memorabilia can potentially be.

Karang Guni Notebook

The notebook concept was inspired by the stacking of newspapers often found in the carts of local karang guni; the rag-and-bone man.


HDB Bamboo & Shophouse Washi

Historical Shophouses in local water paintings.

HDB Bamboo in geometric forms, reflecting the iconic local public housing.

Botanic Stamps

The intricate rubber stamps features the most iconic of the flora found in Singapore, bringing the garden city right to you. 

Guidance: STUCK team

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