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2015 - Philips Design Award Top 3


The Greys - Embracing Imperfections

In sports, imperfections act as the driver for constant improvement. Each practice serves as a building block of potential to be better. Having their lives disrupted and having to adapt to new normalcy, sports hence act as a medium for amputees to embrace their imperfections.

Can sports prosthetics be adaptable to different movements rather than needing the parathletes to switch them out for different sports?

How can I tangibilise Wabi Sabi?

Can 'history' be elegantly visualised and hence embraced?


SecondSkin is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi - to see the beauty in imperfections. It is designed to wear-out elegantly, slowly revealing patterns once hidden. These prostheses then become pieces unique to each individual, a rich vessel of history and personality.

The textures hidden on the inner surface of the outer shell creates visual interest as the light reflects off the patterns, directing the eye and hence highlighting the stump - the supposed imperfection.

The wave-inspired profile, while not perfect - is designed to be versatile enough for both dorsi-flexion and planar-flexion. This eliminates the need for parathletes to switch between different prostheses like in the past. The sole-like module further diversifies the range of sports while remaining compact.

Each component is designed as modules that could be fitted to the current prosthetic system, lowering the barrier of adoption for parathletes.

Special thanks: Dr. Tong from Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the inspiring para-athletes.

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