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The Greys - Distilling a Pinch


We think we know what a pinch looks like. But do we?


An exploration of the purity of a pinch-ING form. Not a regular pinch, but one threading between the peak and release of tension formed during the process of a pinch. 


I analyzed the interaction of the pinch with light, pressure, materials, colors, translucency, etc. to create the perfect pinch. This was then captured via photography to retain the honesty of the pinch and mapped into a frozen vessel via 3D Cad.

What lies between a pre-pinched and pinched?

How can I capture the unseen pinch?


A visual distillation of a pinch frozen in the midst of the gesture.

PinchING serves as a form-purity exploration that highlights the visceral quality of the building tension, immortalized on an inanimate object.

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