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The Greys - The Air-Conditioned Nation

Due to the tropical climate in the island state of Singapore, people take its humidity for granted. Singaporeans often suffer from health issues caused by dry air, spending most of their time in air-conditioned spaces.

Can we translate the fresh mountain air of the alps into the office?

Can we leverage on the physical traits of mountains to augment the functionality of a desktop humidifier?

Can a humidifier be refilled in 5 seconds?


Inspired by the Alps' fresh mountain air, OMI serves as a self-regulating humidifier that requires minimum interactions to operate. 

OMI leverages on the structure of the mountains' sloping peaks to maintain stability by lowering the center of gravity, preventing any accidental spills. A LED threading along the diameter of the base which is visible from 360°, serves as an indicator to users when OMI requires refilling.

As for refilling itself, simply pour into the funnel-like cover and you're done!

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