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As part of Trigger Design Studio, in collaboration with Offcut Factory

The Greys - Trash to Treasure

Ridges is a collaboration with Offcut Factory, a local start-up that works with factories to post-process discarded offcuts into usable materials.


The offcuts used are celebrated - redefining the commonly used quote “trash to treasure" by ensuring minimal material processing - anchored by production honesty while maximizing utility.


This collection is centered around the unique ridges found on discarded architrave strips once used to line interior spaces, creating a series of 3 desktop objects. Various other offcuts such as dowels for cabinetry, wedges for bed frames, and marble pieces from tabletops were also utilized.


The 3 desktop objects are namely Ridges-01 Tray, Ridges-02 Display Stand, and Ridges-03 Tape Dispenser.

Every piece of the collection promises to be a part of our daily lifestyle, to be fully functional and beautiful at the same time. The collection is crafted by 25 degree woodworks, a local craftsman and produced in limited quantities.

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